Values-driven communications

Your image starts with you — what you want to be known for as an organization or as a person. Unfortunately, it can be easy in today's hyper-critical media environment to try to make yourself into something or someone that everyone likes. But sooner or later, your target market will see right through the false exterior. And the end result can be ugly. More than ever before, companies and high-profile public figures need strategic, authentic public relations that start with values — your values. Jakel Communications, a Denver public relations agency, can help. We'll help you define who you are and identify common ground with the people, communities and markets that matter to you. Then, we'll help you build mutually beneficial relationships that are authentic and have long-term potential. We provide services from strategic PR planning to social media management. We can help any business in any industry. But we have significant experience in real estate public relations, food and beverage public relations and sports public relations.

Real Estate
With the economy back in growth mode again, real estate development is hot, especially multifamily. Make sure you're connecting with the people who matter most to you so you can produce industry best occupancy, NOI and lease up results. Jakel Communications can help you develop communications strategies or simply write copy and press releases on an as-needed basis.

Food & Beverage
Colorado is a hot bed for great new restaurants, especially in the fast casual space. Inspiring your market can be tough when customers have so many options. But you have confidence in your product, your values and your brand. Jakel Communications can help you find common ground between your brand and your customer in a way that produces results that last.

Professional Sports
You're an athlete and you're starting to see some success, but you're not well known or you're known for all the wrong things. It doesn't have to stay that way. You can connect with the public in a more authentic manner that is positive, rather than negative. Jakel Communications can help you define your image based on your values and begin connecting with the public in a more effective, real way.