Our values

We will probably make mistakes. We might fail to predict a future event accurately. But we will not tell a lie. Not even on behalf of a client. The truth, as they say, shall set you free so use it. 

Fake it till you make it isn't the best policy in today's social media-driven world. Sooner or later someone will figure it out that you're faking it and let the world know about it on social media. And it only takes one mention going viral to take the whole shop down. We believe in being authentic, true to who we are and helping you be true to who you are.
We not only have an open door policy, but an open book policy. If you want to know what we charged any of our clients, we'll share that information with you. If you want to know who our clients are, we'll tell you. There are no secrets at Jakel Communications.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
There are no cookie cutter programs at Jakel Communications. Every client of ours will receive our best, which means a custom strategy, custom messaging and custom campaigns. That's because we believe in developing new ways of doing things, depending on the values and cultures of the companies we do business with every day.