Social media

Can Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, a corporate blog or any of those other social media sites help your business? Should you create that Facebook account today, tomorrow or three years from now? Jakel Communications can help you answer those questions and much more. With years of experience developing social media strategies, managing social media sites for large consumer-brand organizations, we understand the complexity of the social media world and will show you how to harness your values to best utilize them to create value for your organization. And, yes, sometimes it does not make sense to have a Facebook page or Twitter account. Contact us today! We will ...

Analyze your need for
social media properties

Recommend the optimal
amount of social media
activity needed to maximize effectiveness

Develop a custom social
media strategy
Secure, set up and maintain
your social media properties

Write and edit social media copy

Create and manage social media campaigns to boost your social media presence